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Content and copywriting for B2B tech companies

After 25 years as a B2B tech writer, I’ve learned that my favourite briefs are the really tough ones: where the subject matter is difficult, the stakeholders prickly, or the deadlines hilariously unrealistic. If you have a brief like that, I definitely want to hear from you.

More generally, these are the types of thing I’ll enjoy writing for you:

Blogs and ebooks: share your expertise

Every tech company has its experts – and the fastest way to raise your company’s profile is to share their unique knowledge with the world. I specialise in interviewing your experts and stakeholders, and writing blogs, ebooks and white papers that get your business noticed and remembered.

Case studies: showcase your customers

People buy from people who’ve helped other people. That’s why case studies are vital for showing how your products and services create value in the real world. I’ll interview your customers and write case studies that generate more enquiries and more sales for your business.

Email and social: reach a wider audience

Get noticed by the people who matter. I’ll write emails, newsletters and social copy that put your content in front of the right audience – whether they’re in your customer database, on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Ask me for pricing or a chat

I’ve been writing for some of the most interesting and most complex brands in B2B tech for 25 years. For my price list and to discuss how I can put my experience to work on your content, get in touch.