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Advice for Cornwall-based agency founders - free during 2020

You’re running a small or freelance creative services business in Cornwall, but you’ve hit a problem.

Maybe you’ve lost a client you relied on to keep you profitable. Or growth has stalled and you can’t get it restarted.

You could be anxious about making your first hires, or exhausted from trying to do everything yourself. Maybe you’d like to find a way for your business to continue while you take a step back – or even exit the business altogether.

I’m here to help you find your way through these problems, and any others you may have, too.

12 years of growing – and selling – an agency

I spent 12 years growing my former company, B2B tech copywriting agency Radix Communications, from zero to a team of 17 people and turnover approaching £1m. I sold the agency to our two other directors in a successful management buyout, allowing me to start afresh with Greythorne.

During that time I faced – and overcame – all the problems I listed above, and many more. Thanks to excellent support from within and outside the business, I amassed a host of tools and skills to get through the rough patches and back on track. Now I’d like to pass those tools and skills on to you.

Free advice during the covid-19 crisis

In time, I’d like to charge for this service, as I’m confident that I can help you earn much more than my advice will cost – and that I can reduce your stress, too.

But as I’m writing this website, creative freelancers and agencies are being hammered by the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. I wouldn’t even dream of trying to profit from this incredibly challenging time, so I’m offering my time and advice for free.

How it works

We’ll chat over Skype, Teams or Zoom (your choice) for an hour or so about your business, what you want to achieve with it, and the problems you’re currently facing. I’ll treat everything you tell me in strictest confidence.

I’ll give you space to vent, but don’t think of me just as a shoulder to cry on. Fixing problems requires action, and my approach is based on practical, achievable steps you can take to get your business where you want it to be.

Start fixing things straightaway

By the end of the chat we’ll have a good idea of whether I can help, and if so, the specific problems I can help with. I’ll recommend some immediate, manageable actions you can take, and send you a list of the ones we agree, so you can start working on them.

After that, we’ll meet regularly: once a week, once a month – whatever makes most sense. We’ll look back at the actions you took, and see whether they had the right impact. We’ll decide what you need to do next, and agree some more manageable actions to you to take before the next meeting.

After an agreed amount of time – say six months – we’ll have a proper review of how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. We’ll then decide whether you’d like to keep working together, or if you’re happy to continue without my help.

Finding a non-scary way forwards

If you’re like me when I started out, this may all sound a bit scary. Some of the things we need to do as business owners don’t come naturally to us, and the thought of doing them is frightening.

I’ve been there – the thought of phoning a client to chase payment, or pitching to a new prospect, used to fill me with dread. I still regularly struggle at work with anxiety attacks and agoraphobia.

In our sessions, we’ll take a gentle approach – identifying small things you can do, step by step, to get the results you want. Often, it’s a case of finding someone who can do the scary things for you, rather than having to do them all yourself.

So if the thought of taking action makes you want to hide under the bed, don’t be scared. Together, we’ll find the approach that works best for you and for your business.

Take the first step today

The first step is easy – just get in touch and let me know you’d like to talk. Call me on +44 (0)7960 636708 or email me at [email protected], and we’ll arrange a time to have a proper chat. I’m really looking forward to working together.