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About Me

B2B technology writer and business consultant

I’m Fiona Campbell-Howes, and I’ve been helping B2B tech companies to communicate since the mid-1990s.

I started out as an account exec at boutique tech PR agency Brodeur A Plus, gaining media coverage for clients like Sybase, Sharp, IBM and Iomega (remember the Zip drive?), before moving on to be the account manager for Oracle’s EMEA applications business at global PR agency Hill + Knowlton.

Client-side experience

A stint inhouse at Oracle followed, working in the EMEA corporate comms team as PR manager for Applications and Alliances. I co-ordinated campaigns across the region, working with Oracle’s in-country PR managers. I wrote a lot of press releases and online stories (we didn’t call them ‘blogs’ in those days) and wrote and edited a print magazine.

I was also responsible for media relations with the FT, Reuters, CNBC Europe, and others. Once, when a letter I’d ghostwritten for an Oracle VP was published in the FT and the Wall Street Journal on the same day, I was so excited I accidentally ate my pudding before my main course.

To France and back again

In 2003 I moved to the south of France to look after my mum, who’d been diagnosed with cancer. I freelanced remotely, writing content and campaign copy for companies like Orchestria, a vendor of governance, risk and compliance software, and ADIC, a vendor of storage hardware.

My mum got better and I returned to London to become a director of tech PR agency Prompt Communications, where I set up the agency’s copywriting division.

The print media’s loss was our gain as we snapped up half the editorial team from recently-folded Internet Magazineto write for our roster of tech clients, including Oracle, Kana and Konica Minolta. If you’re lucky enough to find a gap in his schedule, you can still get Sean McManus to write for you – and you should, because he’s the safest pair of hands I know.

How I got to Cornwall

A lot of things happened in 2007. My mum died, I left Prompt, and I moved to Cornwall to live with the man I’d fallen in love with (and who also happened to be a writer on my favourite sitcom of all time). On December 1st I founded a new copywriting business, Radix Communications.

On the face of it, this was not the greatest timing. The financial crisis was kicking off, and within a month of opening for business I found out I was pregnant. My daughter Eliza was born on 15th September 2008, the day Lehman Brothers collapsed. My son Will followed two years later.

Despite all that, Radix grew. Year on year, for the next 12 years. By the time I left in 2020, we were a team of 17 people, delivering content and copy for over 100 B2B tech brands – including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Slack – from a converted warehouse by the river in Penryn. If you need a team of writers to create regular, ongoing content for you, look them up. They’re the best.

Work in the time of coronavirus

With more great timing, I founded Greythorne* in March 2020, just as the coronavirus crisis set in. My plan had been to set up as a consultant, using my experience with Radix to help other Cornwall-based creative agencies tackle their problems. But in a crisis that’s hammering small businesses here and around the world, that felt wrong. Instead, I’m offering to help for free until further notice.

So what am I doing to support myself and my family? The same thing I’ve done for my whole career: writing content and copy for B2B tech companies. If you need a writer with 25 years’ experience in the tech industry and a reputation for delivering what you need, when you need it, I’m your woman.

What I’m like to work with

In the Belbin universe, I’m equal parts Shaper, Implementer and Completer Finisher, so you can be confident that if I write something for you, it will be meticulously planned and researched, thoughtfully crafted, and delivered on time to a high standard of quality.

I also like nothing more than a really tough brief – the type other writers would run from, screaming. I’m especially good at interviewing your stakeholders and customers, drawing out ideas and stories, and writing them up as blogs, ebooks and white papers that are genuinely interesting to read.

If I sound like the kind of writer you’re after, give me a call on +44 (0)7960 636708 or drop me an email at [email protected], and let’s talk.


TL;DR: I’ve spent 25 years writing and editing content for some of the world’s biggest B2B tech brands – and I’d very much like to write for your B2B tech business, too.


* Named for a fictional role model of mine; Miss Greythorne from Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising.